OD Mount Clam Shells / Split Frames

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

Learn the various applications of pipe cutting and beveling tools and how you can utilize them.

OD Mount Pipe cutting Tools are an excellent method of cold cutting pipe insitu. The Clamshell /split frame comes as two pieces that connect, forming a full circumference ring with adjustable feet. Clamshell cutters can simplify the process of weld end preparation and cutting pipe to length.

Some of the advantages of cold pipe cutting machines include:

  • Quick and safe clamping and setup for cold cutting 
  • The high metal removal rate 
  • Higher productivity 
  • More precise cuts 

Typically, clamshells cover a narrow range of pipe diameters 4″ – 6″ below its actual size. I.e. a 16″ clamshell will mount down to a 10″ OD Pipe. They can produce quick and dependable severing and beveling of in-line tubes and pipes. The size selection should be kept as close as possible to the pipe OD to give the most accurate finish.

The clamshell works like a rotary lathe, with two tools/bits rotating around the OD of the pipe being drawn inwards to the pipe center on each pass. This operation allows for cutting and beveling in a single operation under certain circumstances. We can complete square cutting, beveling (including compound), and counterboring finishes with this tool. Pipeline cutting and beveling with this equipment delivers the best possible solution.

Out-of-Round Chasers and Counter Boring tools are available as options.  The Counter Boring tool can also be used for OD Flange facing as well.

Clamshells also come with Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic motor options.  Pneumatic motors are most common, with Hydraulic being preferred for sizes larger than 18”.  The Mactech Line of Clamshells covers you from 2” up to 110” in diameter.

For inquires regarding our line of pipe cutting and beveling tools, be sure to get in contact with our team today.

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