EHS Furnace Design, Fabrication and Capabilities



Kasi Technologies Inc. is an authorized distributor for Hotfoil-EHS Products which are manufactured in the USA. Kasi Technologies has the ability to custom build all of its equipment to suit your needs. Hotfoil-EHS has innovative concepts and features which allows us to differentiate from the competition.

Hotfoil-EHS has extensive furnace design and fabrication experience in the heat treating industries. From small, low-throughput furnaces, to much larger high yield furnaces, to rail-driven furnaces designed to move back and forth over the materials being heated, Hotfoil-EHS Design Engineers and Fabrication Shop has done it all.

Along the way, there have been many furnace engineering discoveries. For instance, Hotfoil-EHS discovered that crane wheels and their drive systems are by far the easiest way to move large furnaces. Also, for some designs, incorporating a hydraulic lifting system that lifts the entire furnace during transport prevents insulation from dragging along the hearth.

Furnaces, built in stainless steel or steel, are shipped in sections for easy, on-site assembly using only a small crane and fork lifts. Furnace sections bolt together with grade 8 bolts, which (as an option) may be welded. While insulation can be installed prior to shipment, it is strongly recommended to insulate after the furnace has been erected to prevent minor damage during assembly.

Furnace Capability

  • Over 2200 Square Feet of Furnace Base (12” Thick) with rolling rail ability.
  • Main Furnace: Modular 40’ Long x 15’ Wide x 10’ High with Capability to 60’ Long and 15’ High
  • Auxiliary Furnaces 20’ Long x 10’ Wide x 5’ High and 10’ Long x 5’ Wide x 5’ High
  • Furnaces can be Custom tailored as needed.

Burner Specifications

  • Automatic Eclipse Thermair Burners to 6 Million BTU
  • High Velocity Burners and Trains to 10 Million BTU
  • Auxiliary Regulated 1-3 Million BTU Burners
  • Manual and Automatic Controls

Data Capability

  • Chino 4000 Digital Recorders with paper chart.
  • Chessel Touch Screen Digital with Data to USB and Ethernet to Laptop. Charts can be stored on Disc or Printed to 8 ½ x 11 Paper.
  • Email of charts.
  • Along with our furnace work we also have a fabrication facility where we build custom furnaces and specialty frames for all industrial applications.

EHS builds custom furnace panels that can be bolted together to produce a variety of sizes and shapes. This allows the assembly and disassembly of furnaces as needed for temporary and for permanent applications.

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