Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

At Kasi Technologies Inc, we carry a variety of hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders are specifically designed for applications where weight and ease of positioning are of prime importance.  The small size of these cylinders makes them ideal for use in confined spaces.

Designed for easy operation, our hydraulic cylinders offer smooth, precise control and are available in a variety of bore sizes, strokes and mounting options to suit your needs.

All models are supplied with a hard anodized, wear-resistant, piston rod and cylinder body and a steel cylinder base protection plate.         

How do hydraulic cylinders work?

Single acting cylinders work where either a push or a pull force is required, so the hydraulic fluid only acts on one side of the piston rod.

Double acting hydraulic cylinders have two ports where pressurised fluid can flow in and out. Fluid flows through one port, which moves the piston forward, which then applies pressurised fluid into the second port which then retracts the piston back into the cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinders Equipment & Tools for Sale & Rental

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