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PWHT Furnace

Industrial PWHT furnaces get used in the Pressure Equipment Fabrication and Repair Industry. PWHT Furnaces are ultimately and almost without exception the most efficient method of Field Heat Treating. All other Field Heat Treating methods are attempting to duplicate the furnace process.

PWHT Furnaces are typically designed 1 of 3 ways:

1) A Rail Car Bottom commonly use a flat Rail Car lined with Fire Brick and a support grid, as a rolling heart.  The rail car could also have a sealing wall on one end, or in some cases the car bottom will fit completely within the fixed furnace box.

2) Top Hat furnaces use a fixed Hearth / Bed and require some type of lifting equipment (usually an overhead crane) to lift the furnace box off of the bed. In some cases, they can have a split wall in which the box becomes two pieces. A lower section of the box would stay in place with the burners, and the top section is removable for loading and unloading.

If the Top Hat Furnace doesn’t split and is configured properly it is possible to have a dual hearth / bed for faster loading and unloading.

3) With a Rolling Furnace, the bed remains fixed, and the Furnace rolls into position. Sometimes the rolling furnace will have a fixed wall, and sometimes they split in the middle without a fixed wall so they can be run as two independent smaller furnaces or joined to run as one large furnace.

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