PWHT Furnaces are a great way for Fabrication Shops and Modular Assembly Yards to increase their competitive advantage.



By using installing a PWHT Furnace companies have been able to save money on shipping piping to and from other furnace facilities. Companies also save fabrication time by not having to send the piping away from their facilities. Recently one pressure vessel manufacturer stated that their PWHT Furnace was the best investment their shop had ever made.

This furnace package is an example of a Turn-Key PWHT Furnace built for a customer wanting to Self-Perform PWHT of Piping and Pressure Vessels. It was completely constructed at Hotfoil-EHS in Hamilton, NJ location. It was fully assembled to test the drive wheels, design the doors and locate the burner system, and completely insulate it. The Furnace is 8’ wide x 8’ tall x 40’ Long and rolls on an 80’ track. It’s designed with doors in the center allowing TWO 20’ furnaces or ONE 40’ furnace.

Furnace is made out of 11 gauge Stainless Steel, it is completely insulated prior to leaving our facility. The supporting I-Beams are powder coated red. By building and designing it to fit on a truck for transport to the site. This cuts down on the assembly time. You can be up and running in 2 days.

All of the wheel assemblies were designed and manufactured to help with transport and installation, 10 wheels were free to spin, 2 wheels geared for driving. Once at sight the wheel assemblies are bolted in place and then the furnace was placed on the rails.

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