Double Acting Cylinders

Double Acting Piston Cylinder

At Kasi Technologies Inc, we carry a variety of double-acting piston cylinders.

Double Acting Lifting Cylinders are designed for enhanced operating stages for a wide variety of applications in many industries including power generation, ship building & repair, construction, railways, mining, steel works, oil & gas and many others.

Double-acting cylinders apply pressure in both the extension and retraction strokes, unlike a single-acting cylinder. Their use is for several applications, including clamping, punching, and positioning. If you are moving apart in two directions, then one should always opt for a double-acting cylinder.  

For more information about our high-quality double-acting piston cylinders, contact our team today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Double Acting High Tonnage – Download PDF

Double Acting Hollow Piston – Download PDF

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