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KASI Manager Featured In A Technical Welding Article For Canadian Magazine

KASI’s Technical Services Manager was recently featured in a technical welding article for a Canadian Magazine.  Rob Colman of Canadian Metal Fabrication and Welding interviewed Scott Fong for an article about selection of proper welding pre-heat equipment.

Scott Fong a Red Seal and Blue Seal Certified Welder, Welding Supervisor and Inspector became the very first Field Heat Treatment Technician ever Certified in the Province of Alberta under the Field Heat Treatment Designated Occupation which first came into force August 1, 2008.  Scott also currently sits on the Field Heat Treatment Occupational Committee for the Province of Alberta.

The article written by Colman explores some of the considerations for selecting the proper type of equipment for welding pre-heat depending on application.  The feature picture for the article was taken by Scott Fong of a Welding Pre-heat (cooperheat) set-up provided by Mike Murray of AVAARC Welding Ltd. using equipment provided by KASI Technologies The article is available in it’s entirety in the link below.