Welding Pre-Heat for Mining Equipment Construction and Repairs!

Feb 06, 2017

While KASI Technologies has been providing Welding Pre-Heat Equipment to the Mining Industry in Alberta, British Colombia, and Saskatchewan for many years, we recently were met with a new request from one of our clients.  They wanted a fully self-contained Welding Pre-Heat trailer for working on Shovel Bucket Repair at the Mine Site in Northern British Colombia.

The Shovel Bucket needed a full blade replacement which previously involved welding very thick sections of steel and a great deal of torch use for welding pre-heat.  Torch heating these sections previously had proven slow and inaccurate, with inherent safety concerns.  Electrical Resistance Welding Pre-Heat (often referred to as Cooperheat) was determined to be the safest and most reliable method for this operation.

The mine site didn’t have a big welding shop with an abundance power, the repairs were being completed in the field, and the unit had to be self powered.  Using a standard Heat Treating Console was not the best option.  Drawing upon KASI’s technical expertise, and Hotfoil-EHS’s custom manufacturing capabilities we designed and built the proper sized Mobile Welding Pre-Heat Trailer to cater to our customers needs. The control system was built by Hotfoil-EHS, then mated to it’s generator and shop tested in Edmonton.

The time savings on using this Controlled Welding Pre-Heat unit for this mining equipment repair was expected to pay for itself within 3-6 months versus using Flame/Torch Welding Pre-Heat.  Once again we are making another customer more competitive in the market.

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