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SLF | Synchronous Lifting System-Fixed Speed Drive

Working pressure 700 bar. Both single and double acting cylinder models available. ` Selection of outlet valve configurations ranging from 4-outlet pump with manual valves to 8-outlet pump with electric solenoid valves ` Control system with individual outlet selection switches, providing choice of single or multiple synchronised operation ` Heavy duty completely enclosed, fan cooled three phase electric motor ` Externally adjustable pressure setting valves on each outlet, for pre-setting pressure up to 700 bar maximum


SLF | Synchronous Lifting System-Fixed Speed Drive

Designed for precise lifting and lowering of heavy loads using multiple synchronized hydraulic cylinders ` System comprises of heavy duty three phase electric motor, operator control panel to monitor up to 8 channels and a robust framework for transportation and storage of the entire system ` Selection of outlet valves ranging from 4-outlet pump to 8-outlet pump with options of 3-way and 4-way valve configurations ` 10000 psi pressure transducers are fitted as standard on each outlet ` Reservoir capacity of 26.41 gallons on the 4-outlet pump and 52.82 gallons on the 6-outlet and 8-outlet pumps


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