Torque Wrench Pumps

Browse through our collection of torque wrench pumps.

During the bolt up or break out of a torqueing procedure having a quality, dependable pump is imperative. At Kasi Technologies our pumps are arguably the best in the business.


Kasi Technologies inc. has a full range of pumps to meet all your needs. From battery powered, to electric to air driven hand/foot pumps. We have the right pump for your job.

Hand Pumps

Whether it is manual pumping for cylinders, nut splitters or Flange Spreaders we have you covered. Our pumps (also referred to as a Power Team) come in single or two speeds and are made of steel or aluminium.

Hydro Test Pumps

Air driven hydrostatic pressure testing pumps offer a choice of 8 models with output pressure capacities ranging from 6 bar (87 psi) to 2931 bar (42500 psi). All models are suitable for use with various fluids.

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