Low Profile Hydraulic Wrench

Hi-Force Low Profile Hydraulic Wrench for sale and rental in Canada by KASI Technologies

Low Profile Hydraulic Wrench

The terms Low Profile or Low Clearance are synonymous when it comes to hydraulics wrenches.  The LP/LC wrench gives the physical advantage of increased access to tight clearance issues around flanges, valves, and other object.  Sacrificing the ability to use a standard socket the LP/LC wrenches require minimum clearance while applying torque on the same plane as the nut, providing a marked improvement over square drive socket wrenches.
The Hi-Force TWH-N series LP/LC hydraulic torque wrench tools offer a choice of 5 different models with output torque capacities from 1906 to 34985 lbs. ft. Manufactured from high-grade aluminum (except TWH430N), these models provide direct in-line reaction and a minimal radius clearance for easy fitment in confined spaces. 

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