Tube and Pipe Beveling Machines

Protem Tube and Pipe Beveling Machine for sale and rental in Canada by KASI Technologies

Tube and Pipe Beveling Machines

ID mount tube beveling tools are the fastest method for the field Beveling / Squaring of Pipes Tubes. Pipe beveling is when the ends of a pipe or tube are angled and a plane perpendicular to the surface.

Some of the benefits include:

  • More accurate bevels
  • Eliminates the need for torching and hand grinding
  • Safer than hand grind and torching
  • Increases speed/productivity of work

These tools can be used for various bevels, including compound bevels, counterboring, and squaring. Their intended use is not for pipe cutting. Instead, it is for Flange Facing and Out-of-Roundness Chasers. Our Protem Line of ID Mount Machines can handle a wide variety of Pipe Diameters up to 36″ OD, with motor options for Electric, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic. Some of the smaller tools are even available with batteries for working in more remote locations.

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