High Speed Air

Harnessing the power of pressurized gas

Are you tired of burning up RAD Guns? Torq/Lite® Air Multiplies provide the speed and power required to finish the job.

A Torq/Lite® pneumatic torque wrench consist of a robust air motor driving a multiplier with three or more stages of epicyclic gearing. Torque control is achieved by adjustment of the air pressure. An air pressure versus torque graph and a calibration certificate is supplied with each tool and allows specific torque values to be set. For more critical applications, Pneumatic wrenches can be fitted with a torque transducer and the precise torque output displayed. The tool can then be shut off at the desired torque either manually or automatically using suitable control circuitry.


High Speed


Tool models have free speeds between 70 and 245 rpm.

Light Weight

Tool models only weighs between 10 and 15.6 lbs.

Special Reaction Members

are available for applications which a standard reaction arm just won’t work.


less than 85 dB(A) when under load

Non Impacting

low vibration levels make these tools comfortable and safe to use.

3/4 and 1 Inch Square Drive

option, is quickly and easily replaceable.

Locking Direction Control

The bi-directional control knob is locked while the tool is running to prevent accidental damage to the gearbox.

Soft Start Trigger

control aids socket location and allows gradual and safe reaction location.

Safe Operation

gearbox can rotate independently from handle so that reaction forces are not transmitted back to the operator.


Free yearly maintenance inspections on Torq/Lite® products.