Low Profile/Low Clearance Hydraulic Wrench

Hydraulic Wrenches


The terms Low Profile or Low Clearance are synonymous when it comes to hydraulics wrenches.  The LP/LC wrench gives the physical advantage of increased access to tight clearance issues around flanges, valves, and other object.  Sacrificing the ability to use a standard socket the LP/LC wrenches require minimum clearance while applying torque on the same plane as the nut, providing a marked improvement over square drive socket wrenches.

The Hi-Force TWH-N series LP/LC hydraulic torque wrench tools offer a choice of 5 different models with output torque capacities from 1906 to 34985 lbs. ft. Manufactured from high-grade aluminum (except TWH430N), these models provide direct in-line reaction and a minimal radius clearance for easy fitment in confined spaces. The user-friendly design requires the operator to withdraw/insert a single pin to change the ratchet head. Ratchet heads are available in all standard metric and imperial sizes from 24 to 175 mm (1 1/16″ to 6 7/8″). Low-cost hexagon reducer bushes are also available. Swivelling quick release couplers are fitted as standard to all models, enabling easy positioning of the hydraulic wrenches’ hoses.

Hi-Force TWH-N Series Low Profile Wrench Specifications

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