Torque Guns

Battery Nutrunners

Mobile bolting has been clearly redefined at new levels. Mobile cordless bolting is now safer due to the additional automatic locking of the motor and gearbox.

Electric Nutrunners

An electric nutrunner is a tool for tightening bolt joints to a desired tightening torque. The nutrunner utilizes a motor having a low moment of inertia and a control device that supplies a pulse to the motor as an indication that the nut-tightening is to be terminated, thereby braking the motor electrically.

Pneumatic/Air Nutrunners

A pneumatic nutrunner is a planetary torque multiplier, or a gearbox coupled with a pneumatic air motor. Outside the gearbox is a reaction device which is used to absorb the torque and allow the tool operator to use it with very little effort.

Torque Control TC1

Mobile Measurement Unit

An innovation in the mobile measurement technology is the measurement unit TC1. It measures the applied torque and the subsequent wrenching process directly on site. The system works without cables during the screw-fitting process and can easily be mounted to the torquing device.

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