Hydraulic Tensioner Pumps

Mar 01, 2016

Compact, Lightweight, and Excellent for Shipbuilding, Civil Engineering, and Heavy Industry Applications

With a pressure gauge and pressure switch as standard accessories, they feature automatic low- and high-pressure two-stage pumps that deliver very high performance. A 4.5L reservoir-type pump is the standard, but the units are also available with 2L or 7L reservoir-type pumps.

  • Compact and light weight. Good for shipbuilding, civil engineering and heavy industry.
  • Automatic low and high pressure two-stage pumps giving very high performance.
  • Pressure gauge and pressure switch standard accessories.
  • 4.5 liter reservoir type pumps as standard. Also available with 2 liter or 7 liter reservoir type pumps.
  • Warranty
  • Free yearly maintenance inspections on Torq/Lite® products.
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