Mactech Line Boring Equipment now available from KASI

Jan 04, 2018

Are long lead times for Line Boring Equipment killing your productivity?  Mactech has most common 2.5″ Bar Sizes on the shelf ready to ship.  This means you get your new line boring system within days instead of weeks or months.

Save costly shop repairs with accurate, on-site boring with one easy setup. Mactech’s simple to operate BB2250 Boring System is the solution for any bore repair that needs to be done right away.  Pair it with a BOA Bore Welder to for a single setup solution.

For larger bore repairs, the Mactech MBMC Portable Boring machines have been supporting industry for over 90 years.  With 3-1/4″ to 10″ Diameter Boring Bars, 6″-160″ Diameter Machining capability, and 6″-84″ facing capability.

Custom application?  We are driven to find you a solution.

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