What’s inside a Torq-Lite Hydraulic Torque Wrench?

May 01, 2022

With decades of experience in designing and building hydraulic torque wrenches Torq-Lite has developed it’s Low Profile IU-XL Series of wrenches.   Using it’s patented inline-ratcheting design combines the cylinder and the body together in one unit, so changing the head is all that’s required when switching sizes.

So what does it consist of?

UNIBODY:  The design of Torq-Lite’s inclusive body and cylinder unit makes it possible for more of our head sizes to work with more of our tools.. The cylinder is made of TL-T6 lightweight aircraft alloy. Durable, but not heavy.

PISTON ROD:  The slotted piston rod always maintains a 90º relationship between itself and the nut. This significantly increases accuracy of the tool while simultaneously reducing the number of moving parts it has inside it.

DRIVE PIN DESIGN:  Reduces overall dimensions of hex head including a thinner “nose“ radius. Fits more applications, including all 57 A.P.I flanges. The spring retaining clip allows for quick and simple changing of the heads.

MULTI-AXIS PORTING:  The IU-XL Series tools are the first and only system that allows the swivels to be manually relocated from the top of the tool to the back of the tool using only hand tools.

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