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Flange Facing Equipement

Flange Facing Equipment

IMFM- Internal Mounted Flange Facer

Internal mounted, lightweight and durable flange facer. Ideal for machining all types of flange faces, seal grooves, weld preparations and counterbores.

Heavy-duty steel/aluminium design,

High rigidity of the machine in relation to the dimension and weight,

Solid but lightweight construction,

Continuous groove facing feeds


Surfacing of all types of flanges:

10 to 600 mm (0.39” – 23.6”). With a minimum height of 150 mm (5.9”), it can be slid into position between the two flanges for machining sealing surfaces, for instance, when a valve is being replaced.Its weight is reduced to a strict minimum and enables it to be handled and set up by a single operator, without any need for extra handling devices.

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