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All burners develop high-velocity, low-luminescent flames varying in length from 3- to 8-ft long and 6- to 15-inches in diameter, depending on burner size and thermal power capacity. Due to the 100% turndown ratio available on the gas trains, there are typically only four-burner sizes required for most applications, with thermal power capacities of 1, 3, 6, and 10 MBtu/hr—equipment with ultraviolet flame sensors and remote ignition transformers.

High-velocity burners utilize high-volume, pressure blowers for combustion air to enhance turbulence and convective heat transfer. Most applications are lean or excess-air operation instead of stoichiometric or fuel-rich operation. Consequently, the products of combustion are minimized and diluted.

Typically for a 10 MBtu/hr Burner, a 2,200-scfm (standard cubic feet/min) blower, capable of creating  static pressure of 24 in. WC (inches of water column), powered by a 15-HP 3-phase electric motor is used. Each blower consists of a motor, starter, control panel, airflow control valve, and air pressure switch.

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