Secondary Cables

Electrical Resistence Heating Cable for sale and rental in Canada by KASI Technologies

Secondary Cables

Secondary cables often referred to as Triple Cable Sets (TCS) consist of 2 power carrying cables, and 1 type K compensating cable.

The standard construction for a 3 – heater TCS would use two welding cables (#2) and a shielded 20 gauge solid wire Type K compensating lead. We bundle these cables together using a high-quality filament tape to prevent separation. Some lower-quality cable constructions use electrical tape, which tends to fall apart quickly, or use a smaller gauge wire that is susceptible to overheating. TCS can be any length, with 50′ and 100′ being most common. 3 – heater TCS terminate with 300 Amp Male Camlocks and Type K Male Thermocouple Plugs on one end.

We use 3-Way Splitters with 3 – heater TCS to allow heaters connection in a parallel circuit. Their construction is with 3 x #6 welding cables approximately 4-feet long with 1 x 300 amp male camlock and 3 x 90 amp female camlocks.

Smaller single heater TCS use a #6 welding cable, and construction is the same as the 3 – heater TCS using 90 amp camlock in place of the larger ones.

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