Welding Pre-Heat and PWHT Equipment (Cooperheat)


Heat Treating, Power Consoles, and Ceramic Mat Heaters


image_Products Kasi sells a large variety of EHS Welding pre-heat and postweld heat treating (PWHT) equipment including power consoles, ceramic mat heaters, thermocouple attachment units, pin welders, Brinell testers, Poldi hardness testers, thermocouple wire, insulation, and accessories. Power consoles are standardly offered in 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 zone configurations with a variety of control and recording systems. Twin Heat modules, with and without recorders, and optional ramping controllers are available from EHS to allow more portability and owners to use an existing welding machine as a power supply.

Kasi offers a variety of CHINO temperature recorders as options for power consoles, or as stand-alone equipment. The full range of consumables, such as recorder paper, ink wheels, and pre-wired jack panels are also available.

Kasi also offers short or long term rentals on 6-way and 12-way consoles, temperature recorders, and ceramic mat heaters along with complete support and training services.

Kasi sells EHS manufactured ceramic mat heaters in a wide variety of voltages, sizes and shapes. All of the following voltages are available for EHS ceramic mat heaters: 25, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 120, 240, 277, 300, 330, 380, 400, 440, 480, 550, 575 and 600 volt. EHS engineers design and manufacture proven systems to effectively complete any project more efficiently than competitive systems, while staying competitive and within any budget. Like EHS, Kasi has an extreme customer focus second to none.

Welding Pre-Heat Equipment Sales, Rentals and Service


image_Products2Welding Pre-heat involves heating up a base metal to a particular temperature, called the Pre-heat temperature, prior to welding. Pre-heating metals help reduce residual stresses in the finished weld. Other benefits of pre-heating include excluding moisture from the weld, and improving the microstructure of the material in the heat affected zone.

By using automated controlled Electrical Resistance Welding Pre-Heat Equipment (often referred to as Cooperheat) all of these benefits are maximized, and documentation of the weldment is possible.

As materials have advanced and welding procedures have developed stricter parameters the use of Electrical Resistance Welding Pre-Heat Equipment has grown to be the most accurate and efficient way to meet these requirements.

The following areas benefit the most from Electrical Resistance Pre-Heat Equipment:

  • Pressure Piping Fabrication
  • Bridge Building
  • Structural Steel
  • Marine / Shipyard Fabrication
  • Boiler Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessel Repairs
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Storage Tank Fabrication
  • Storage Tank Repairs
  • Mining Equipment Fabrication
  • Mining Equipment Repair
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Wear Resistant Overlay


Kasi Technologies Inc also offers induction pre-heat treating equipment. Kasi’s induction pre-heat equipment has been designed for multiple purposes, specifically when it comes to onshore or offshore applications. Commonly used on large diameter heavy wall pipe, induction pre-heat offers one of the quickest methods for Welding Pre-Heat. Induction Welding Pre-Heat is one of many heat treating applications Kasi has to offer.

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