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Kasi delivers Arcon’s complete line of welders for Stick / TIG / MIG & Flux-core, as well as a lightweight (80 lbs.), portable stud welder that will weld up to ¾” studs. With its rugged design, excellent welding characteristics, and the support of Arcon; a family owned business; the Workhorse line of welders provides an excellent option for end users looking for a great welder that will last.

  • Our original design has an ARC dynamic like no other; “Constant Power” = Constant Heat. 
Operator can vary penetration by varying arc length, heat stays the same.
  • Our latest model is a true Pre-Settable, CC/CV – “Multi-function welder; offering Stick / TIG / MIG & Flux-core welding modes in one compact, rugged machine!
  • Our welders are built to be rugged & reliable; especially in harsh environments.
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester resin case. Extremely tough and durable, our cases provide strong structural support for the electronics and magnetics inside.
  • All models come with a standard, 3-year parts warranty; Plus a Five Year Warranty against corrosion related failures.
  • Deliberately kept simple. Our welders don’t come with 10 or 15 confusing options, just the basics needed for great welds.
  • Low cost of ownership. By using SCR devises to “invert” our power, we provide a far more rugged switch than the IGBT switches used by all our competitors.
  • All current replacement parts are “backwards compatible” with earlier models.
  • Built in the USA, with pride, at our facility in Maryland.



Kasi supplies AFTEK product – the sole remaining manufacturer of resistor controlled welding machines in the USA. In 1977, Big 4 Manufacturing introduced their innovative Series 77 Control, and the features introduced then remain at the heart of the AFTEK design: Edge-wound coils for better heat dissipation (thus better current control) and rotary switches for current selection.

One of the oldest welding technologies combined with one of the newest electronic switches makes an unbeatable combination for the TOUGHEST welding jobs.



AFTek GRID WeldingAFTek manufactures a full line of Resistor Control Stations (GRIDS), and the ONLY resistor controlled MIG welding system.

The patented AFTek Demand Pulse MIG Welding System can weld with any commercial solid wire and any commercial flux-core, including self-shielded wires which are made for constant voltage only operation. While the AFTek System is “Constant Current”, the Demand Pulse Control simulates constant voltage in such a way that all the CV processes can be used. Exceptional performance with high nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, and of course, carbon steels.

AFTek controls can be furnished in a variety of packages from stand-alone singles to racks of eight arcs with a single AFTek 80 Volt GRIDconnector.

AFTek Resistor Control Stations are built with exclusive Edge-Wound Resistors, using a proprietary alloy of iron and aluminum. In normal use, the resistors are rust-resistant, and run cooler than most. Switches are the heaviest duty available, and nothing is spared to furnish you with the highest quality product of this kind. The MIG welding system uses simple electronic switches, with high capacity MOSFETS to pulse the output, but at current and voltage levels similar to “short-arc”.